Who Are We and Why are we Green?

We create Eco products from textiles made of recycled PET and RPET bottles. Dream Green Productions services include Eco textile development, product design, product management, digital printing and manufacturing. Our goal; to create the best Eco solution possible for your specific product needs as new development or from our extensive product library.

Dream Green Productions is much more than a recycled fabric resource; it is a complete service center for Eco product development, specializing in unique processes, utilizing aqueous inks, water and energy conservation printing, dimensional digital printing, double-sided printing, waterless ‘dry dying’ process, and proprietary color management to eliminate color shifting from various light sources. Although our resources are worldwide, we are primarily a domestic manufacturer and can offer a 100% Made in the USA label. Eco products include banners, promotional items, tees, totes, image panels, novelty, specialty products, hospitality and interior design.

The DreamTeK® Eco Fabric Collection lists more than 40 textile finishes including sheer, sateen, oxford and canvas weights, able to create an eco version of most any textile product. Our company policy incorporates ‘cradle to cradle’ ergonomics, re-purposeing programs and resource conservation.

A complete Eco textile product solution is now available through Dream Green Productions.

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“We are well beyond the basics – being ‘green’ is not a catch all for good intentions. Bringing earth friendly into harmony with super technology is the NEW reality of sustainability, renewability and precious resource conservation. This is how we are creating products and services for the future.”

Victoria D’Angelo,

Director, Dream Green Productions

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